1. Create Extras Categories

Go to Options > Extras Categories

Enter the required categories (eg Linen, Baby Equipment, Pet Levy) - one to a line with a maximum of 5 categories

Update Categories

2. Create Extras Items

Go to Options > Extras List

Create New Item:

Price per First 14 Days: Use this field in conjunction with the Daily Flat Rate field where there is a loading on the daily rate for short stays or peak periods. After 14 days the price will default to the Daily Flat Rate. You may enter less than the full 14 days if the loading rate applies to a shorter period.

Options: Each item can have up to 5 options linked to it. (eg A linen pack may have the option to have the bed made up on arrival, or a BBQ may have the option for a rotisserie). To enable an option check the Enable box, enter a unique Code, a Name and Price.

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