Go to Tools > Email Library > Manage Themes > Create New Theme

Here you can either Select a Theme from our existing options or create your own using html code by selecting Custom Theme (html knowledge required, this option is not covered by YesBookit Support).

Add your logo:

Select Image Library:

Then select your logo from the list and click OK:

Use the colour editor to customise the theme:

Save Changes.

Applying Email Themes to Emails

Once you’ve created your theme, you can apply it to any number of emails in the system. You may have one theme that is used for all of your Booking emails to guests and another theme that is used for your Owner emails. 

For this example, we will apply the new Booking Detailed theme to the Confirmed email.

Go to Tools > Email Editor and select Edit for the email you would like to apply the theme to:

Select the theme and type a subject:

Save Changes.
Repeat this process to apply to same theme to other emails.

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