Create a new property in the Holiday Manager

Go to Tools > Content Management > Listings > Holiday > New Property

Fill in the required fields on the details page:

Once you have entered the required fields, including the Brief Description, enter the number of bedrooms, click Save Changes to open up the bedding configuration table…

Add your main description - do not include tariffs here, these will be added later on.

The “Daily Price From” field will automatically draw your base rate from the Rates area in YBI. On your website you can choose to display as a weekly or nightly price.

Optionally, you can add a url to a virtual tour or video of the property. This will only display on a YesBookit-powered website.

Once you’re done, click Save Changes

Upload images by dragging them into the box or clicking Add Files:

There are minimum size requirements for images if you are feeding to channels like HomeAway or

Remember to click Update Images!

When you are done, go back to the details page and click Update Website to return to the property list.

Note: Once you have added or updated properties in the Holiday Manager, you will need to import these changes into YesBookit. Do this by going to Properties > Import Property List > Import Product

In addition to the above steps, please find below a video displaying how to create a property in YesBookit.

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