targets the growing audience of travellers who want to travel with their pets, and you can now connect to them via YesBookit.

Any YesBookit property manager with pet-friendly properties can send through listings free of charge.

Please Note the below do not currently charge you any listing fees
• The full tariff, your additional charges and your booking fees are shown in the site
• The guest pays this full amount when the booking is made, plus the booking fee
• Booking details are immediately (and automatically) sent through to you in YesBookit
• The full tariff, your additional charges and your bookings fees are sent through to your bank account as soon as they are cleared through Holidaypaws bank account (usually the next day)

If you require more information, please get in touch with the Holidaypaws team via

To activate your Holidaypaws connection with YBI

  • Visit the SIGN UP page on the site for more information and complete the listing enquiry form.

  • Ensure your Pet-Friendly properties have the 'Pets Welcome' attribute ticked in the Properties > Attributes section of YesBookit.

  • Contact YesBookit advising you are ready to connect to Holidaypaws and we will make the necessary adjustments to your account.

  • Contact Holidaypaws again who will pull across your Pet Friendly Properties to their website.


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