Release notes, Thursday, 14th June 2018

Server Speed Improvement

We have been working behind the scenes on improving the overall speed and performance of the YesBookit servers, and last week we moved our first group of YesBookit clients over to the new server setup!  The new server is running smooth as silk, with performance and response time significantly improved.

We are keeping an eye on this new setup to make sure there are no unexpected errors, but if things continue well we will be moving the rest of the YesBookit client base over in the week starting June 25th.  Watch this space for more news on when its going to happen for you.

Feed into HomeAway Australia

The first batch of YesBookit clients are now live on HomeAway Australia! This new connection is superior to our old Stayz integration as we can now support:

  • payment schedules, so you don't have to have full payment upfront

  • both request bookings and instant bookings

If you would like to be next to get connected, contact YesBookit Support or your HomeAway account manager.

What's next?

Once we finish the big ticket items I mentioned above, its time for a Bug Bash!  We plan to chase down a lot of the little bugs and problems which have been kicking around, and finish off some of the small changes and improvements we have got from Rezfest and our new Feedback system.

As always, contact us if you have any questions about any of this.

Daniel and the YesBookit Team.

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