Release notes, Thursday, 31st May 2018

New stuff

We have been busy rolling out some of the Rezfest “YesHackit” changes, as well as other work which has been on the ‘To Do’ list:

We loved hearing your ideas at Rezfest, and letting you vote on your favourites, was so powerful that we want more. We have added a Feedback button in YesBookit which you’ll find to the left of the Support button. Clicking on this will take you to the feedback forum where you can submit ideas, see what your fellow YesBookit users have suggested, and vote on the ideas you like. 

We will be using this as a key input into our development plans for YesBookit, and while we can’t guarantee we’ll do everything - what you add and vote for will help us prioritise.

Cleaner Notifications
we know that cleaner notifications have been misbehaving, particularly when owners stay in their properties.  So we have changed the ‘Cleaner Required’ field - it’s now a simple checkbox.  Check the box if the cleaner is required, leave it blank if not. 

You then use the 'Cleaner' dropdown to specify who the cleaner is. Much simpler, and the notifications behave themselves now.


  • When you compare availability across multiple properties, printing out the results now includes the property address - the printout is now actually readable!

  • The Owners Export report can now be saved in Excel format (.xslx), and includes a few new fields, namely YBI Property ID, DMM code, Property name, Property ID and BOID.


  • You can now add ‘SurfSki’ as an activity, and ‘Stairs’ as a facility to properties.

  • The screen to get guest reviews was being blocked by pop-up blockers (since they were a pop-up, go figure).  We have now made the pop-ups part of the email, so they won’t be blocked - more reviews!

Bugs squashed

  • If an owner had a property which was feeding through to Rentals United and AirBNB - if they updated their photos, those changes weren’t going through.   We’ve fixed this, so if you were having problems, go into YesBookit and re-send the property to Rentals United.  Give it an hour or so, and the new photos will be there.

  • The cleaner reminder email had been missing a few fields like Location and address of the property to be cleaned.  We found those fields hiding down the back of the couch and put them back in the email where they belong.

What's next?

We've got some exciting things in the pipeline over the coming months:

  • More small changes, both from Rezfest and our new Feedback system.

  • Performance upgrade - we are in the final days of confirming the upgrade to fix our performance is working, once it is we’ll start rolling it out.

  • Getting YesBookit properties into HomeAway.  We’ve got our first property live on HomeAway, and our next aim is to get the flow of properties into HomeAway moving.

As always, contact us if you have any questions about any of this.

Daniel and the YesBookit Team.

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