Cleaner requirement options on Owner bookings

We’ve tidied up the way we handle cleaner requirements, and cleaner emails, for Owner bookings in YesBookit.

The new treatment has the same options for Owners and Staff when the booking is created, namely:

If a Cleaner is required for an Owner booking, the user needs to check the “Cleaner Required” box on the booking page. This will show in emails using  the “Cleaner Required” insert field as “Cleaner Required: Yes”. Leaving it unchecked will show as “Cleaner Required: No”

For Staff the selection of the cleaner on an Owner booking is now separate from the required/not-required selection. If you specify that a cleaner is required, the default cleaner will be assigned to the booking, but you will be able to choose a different cleaner if you wish.

Any change of cleaner required status, or the assigned cleaner, will result in a cleaner notification email going to the relevant cleaners.

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