Our LockVue connection allows you to link YesBookit with LockVue to generate access codes for your smart locks and automatically include instructions in your pre-arrival email to show guests how to gain access.

There are four main parts to setting up the integration:

  1. Give access to YesBookit within LockVue

  2. Connect YesBookit to LockVue

  3. Add locks to properties in YesBookit

  4. Add instructions for guests 

1. Give access to YesBookit within LockVue

First, you must add YesBookit as a Third Party Integration in LockVue. To do this, login to LockVue, go to Settings, tick the box next to YesBookit and click "Update".

Then, under the Locks menu, click the little house icon on the right, then click "Share" in the resulting pop-up.

Locks list:

Share pop-up:

2. Connect YesBookit to LockVue

Visit Tools > Channels and Add-ons and click on "Manage" on the LockVue tile. It will have a 0 as the property count, as you have not connected the two systems yet. 

Next, add the email address associated with your LockVue account into the LockVue Email field and click the blue "Save" button. This will connect the two systems and make the locks from LockVue available to assign to properties in YesBookit.

3. Add locks to properties in YesBookit

Next to each property is a blue "manage locks" button. This is where you select the lock/s at each property. Click on the button and a pop-up will appear where you can select the lock from the list of available locks in LockVue (1) and add some text that explains information about this lock (2). An example might be where it is located at the house. This will be included in your pre-arrival email, for the guest to read.

Click the green "save" button to save these changes.

Repeat the "manage locks" process for all the properties for which you wish to add locks. You can add multiple locks per property.

IMPORTANT - saving locks against a property will generate access codes for those locks at those properties for all forward bookings. These access codes - what the guest will use in the LockVue app to unlock a lock - are visible in LockVue but also in YesBookit on the Guest tab of a booking:

4. Add instructions for guests

On the management page for LockVue is an email text editor. This is where you control the information that will automatically be inserted into your pre-arrival email. For this to happen, you need to add the -locks_information- insert field into your pre-arrival email in the Email Library.

We have written the default information for you, and you should not need to change it but you can. This default text includes three insert fields that perform the following functions:

  1. -lockvue_locktype- inserts the type of LockVue lock (eg Noke KeyLokr or Smart Armor KeyLokr) appropriate to that property into the email.

  2. -lockvue_code- inserts the access code for that lock

  3. -property_locknote- inserts the instructions you added about where to find the lock (if appropriate).

Make sure you click "save" if you make any changes.

When you have completed the above, your next pre-arrival email for any property with a lock will include this information, and there will be a link to a LockVue PDF help document specific to how to operate that lock.

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