If your website content pages have an image at the top of the content page behind the page heading like below, you can change these images by following these instructions. 

Updating Page Header Images

  • From YesBookit go to > Tools > Content Management

  • Website Content > Gallery > Photos > select gallery called PageHeaders.
    Here you will see the existing photos that are set as page header images.
    You can Preview, Delete and Add New.
    Note: Be sure to add a description of each image into the Caption section as this is used as the image Alt Text and required for SEO purposes.

  • Page header images should always be 1920px wide.
    Height will vary so click on the Preview button of an existing header image and right button click to view the image size.

  • Size/crop the new image accordingly and save the image name as the same as the content page ID that you want the image to display on.
    To check the Page ID go to Website Content > Pages > view ID column.

  • Delete old image if you are updating an existing image. 

If you need help checking the correct height, or have any questions, please email websites@yesbookit.com. 

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