• From YesBookit go to > Tools > Content Management

  • Website Content > Gallery > Photos > select gallery called HomeBanner
    Here you will see the existing photos that are rotating on the homepage. You can Preview, Delete and Add New.

  • Homepage banner image need to be 1920px wide, and height will vary.
    Preview one of the existing photos > right button click on the image to view the image size. The new photos need to be the correct size to display properly in the banner.

  • Click Add New to upload new banner images.
    Note: Be sure to add a description of each image into the Caption section as this is used as the image Alt Text and required for SEO purposes.
    After they have uploaded successfully, you should be able to see the images on the website straight away. If you can't please clear the cache in your browser and force a refresh of the homepage. 

If you are unsure of the correct image height, or if a gallery called HomeBanner does not exist, please email websites@yesbookit.com for more details. 

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