The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) allows European consumers to ask companies to "forget" their personally identifiable information (PII). If you receive a request to be forgotten, YesBookit can help make this easier for you within your YesBookit application.

This involves replacing guest data with text like "GDPR" or numbers like "000000" in YesBookit, a process known as "obfuscation". If you have PII stored in other systems, you'll need to make sure you follow that system's GDPR processes to properly "forget" a guest and fully comply with their request.

If you need to remove guest PII from YesBookit, simply submit a request via the Support chat bubble, or email and tell us that you have received a request from a guest to delete their PII, or that you have received a GDPR request.

The YesBookit team will then ask you for the email address of the guest in question and use that to find and remove their PII from YesBookit.

NOTE - this process will not remove the PII where the booking is active, or occurs in the future, as you need the PII in order to communicate with the guest about that booking.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact YesBookit Support for more information.


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