When updating your website, you should always be looking at it 'through the eyes of a potential guest' and your online consumer.  

Ask yourself;
Is the homepage engaging? Does it explain what the website offers? Does it make you want to explore the website further? Is there an easy way to search? 

Homepage Text

For a huge number of your website visitors, the homepage is the first encounter that they have with your brand. You want to make a good first impression! 

Below are pointers for writing your homepage content: 

  • Dare to be different

Unique content adds value to your own website and is rewarded by search engines by making your website stand out from the crowd (your competitors).

  • Explain yourself

Communicate to your user directly. Tell them who you (the brand/business) are, what you offer, and how they use the website.

  • Call to action (CTA)

Encourage the user to explore the website more than the homepage i.e search and make a booking. Having an accommodation search available on the homepage is recommended. 

  • Invest

Investing in quality imagery, and investing your time in updating your website content will pay off. 

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