Basic SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Terms

Keyword Phrases

Keyword phrases are the main page target (Page Title) – eg Pet Friendly Cafes, Lennox Head beachfront accommodation, Pet Friendly Accommodation

Meta tags

Meta tags are snippets of information that describe what the page's content, and do not display visibly on the page, but are important to search engines.
Meta tags are the Page Title, Description, and Keywords at the top of content pages.
The core website meta data is found in the Holiday Manager under Settings. 


SERPs stands for Search Engine Results Page, referring to the list of results returned after a search query is submitted

Robots and crawlers

Robots are programs that crawl the internet checking for new pages and page updates. Google uses them to index the new content to their databases for search results. 

Content Page

Search Result

Below is how the above content page displaying as a search result. 

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