Free Image Editors

There are a lot of free image editing programs available to download online.
Below are some examples:
PC and Mac -
PC only - Paint.NET


When resizing images, you can only make the image smaller.
If you increase the image size, you will lose quality and it will become pixelated.

Resize before loading

It is very important to resize an image to the actual size that it will display on the page. Large images slow down page load speeds, and will effect your website performance.

Below is an example of how an image displays on a website page.
Click on the image, to view the actual size of the very large image file that is being downloaded when this page is visited. 

Aspect Ratio

Aspect ratio is the proportional relationship between the height and width of an image.  

It is important to maintain the original aspect ratio of an image, otherwise you will stretch and disport it.

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