This feature will allow you to send an email to a cleaner as a reminder. They will still get their usual notifications, but this is something additional for cleaners who need an extra reminder.

  1. Customise Cleaner Reminder Email

Tools > Email Library > Cleaner  Reminder > Edit
This is where you will come to customise the email that you would like to send. Below is an example of the information that you could put into the email reminder for the cleaner.

2. Sending the Email Reminder to Cleaner
There are two different ways to send the email, manually or automatically.
Sending it manually will allow you to do it once off, while sending it automatically will send it to every cleaner for every booking on a time chosen by you.

2a. For manual set up
Guests > Cleaner Reminders > 

You will need to put in the dates of either Arrival or Departure and choose a cleaner.
This above example search will bring up bookings arriving in those dates for that cleaner. You can search for one, multiple or all cleaners.

Click what booking you would like to remind them for and click the blue Send Reminders button.

2b. For Automatic set up

Options > Settings > Bookings > 

At the bottom of the page you will see this.

This will send out Cleaner reminder emails.
This Example shows that all bookings will have a cleaner reminder email sent out 2 days before departure at 8:am. You can change the days and the time the reminder is sent.

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